The RNDM-BMX Branding.

A little history behind the Brand that aimed to Change the world of BMX!!

G’day guys and welcome to the very unique yet very RaNDoM world of RNDM-BMX. As you may be able to tell, the four characters at the start of the name represents a part of what the Branding started off initially as, however as time moved on it developed itself not to be completely RANDOM in everything it stands for although there are defiantly some elements to it where RANDOM very much fits the agenda….

Not Just another Extreme BMX Branding.

Although one may fairly assume that the world of BMX seems to more or less be dominated by young tattooed and pierced up gentleman getting some serious Air Time, as well as doing some serious Tricks (which ‘By The Way’ is something to be truly admired), RNDM-BMX decided to take a slightly different route to this whole game.

Therefore, being that it aimed to work on a more “Creative Fun” type approach, RNDM-BMX has since gone through a number of Uniquely Different stages to bring out an individuality of its own.

So where did it all begin Exactly?

Let’s turn back time for a moment and louer you in with a Story of how this all came about back in 2016.

The Beginning of a New Brand.

It was around September time in the year 2016, the BMX’er had his Suit, Tie and Top-Hat on, The Camera Man was setting himself up, and the Ramp was set in place….. ON THE EDGE OF A BRIDGE!

As the traffic had slowly cleared the path and the fierce pedalling had now begun, the BMX’er kind of forgot where the Ramp was and thus slightly readjusted himself to make for a clear shot. As he and the Bike hurled up and over the edge, it didn’t take too long before a sudden “SPLASH” occurred followed by a little sense of achievement and then finally “to get the heck out of there” with a decent swim back to shore. 

So what exactly was the aim behind all this? 

Well - It was not just about the Stunt itself, but more about the way the Stunt was Done, and Ultimately, what we wanted to portray to the World about our RaNDoM New Brand including the Fun, Creative, yet Craziness of it all. 

Like seriously, who dresses in a Suit, Tie, and Top Hat riding a BMX over the edge of a Bridge and into the filthy water beneath anyways? Nuff Said…. :O

Other vivid memory’s of that day still scratch the surface including that of a few caring homeless people making their way up from the ledge beneath to check if the guy that went over the edge was ok. “How very nice. Truly!  :D”

And also how a young fit blonde haired jogger had passed by just as the BMX’er was pulling himself up out of the water giving her a quick fright as she said “Oh my, I just didn’t expect you to be there?!”

Other then that, it all ended well with a few last cheeky photo’s by the ledge with the Ramp , some packing up of equipment, and finally a walk back to the Car as the Bike had now been fully submerged in the dirty water below. “Bye Bye Bike.”

After the stunt was complete, sadly not much else happened later that year “Video & Content wise” as there was a full time job beckoning for a return, and a hope to make it Big with a Brand New Product that had been build prier.

A RNDM achievement prier to the Stunt.

It was around the month of June 2016, a new ramp was being drawn up and designed based off a much older version that seemed to prove itself as very capable of handling even the most decent attack’s. 

As the aluminium had been ordered, it was then cut to length and sent off to be bent accordingly. After many more months of hand building it all, the Ramp had finally been completed. 

This was it! This was a part of the Brand that wanted to show the potential of Creativity and Innovation determining that whatever it set it’s mind too, could very much be accomplished. So without further a do….

We Introduce to you, the RNDM-BMX FlatPak Jump Ramp.

The Aluminium and Stainless construction of the Ramp was designed to keep it reasonably light in weight, quite durable, and to shine like bling. It was a real stepping stone in what could be achieved and the quality of the Product was something to be admired.

As displayed above, the FlatPak Jump Ramp was RNDM-BMX’s first hand made quality Product under the RNDM-BMX Name that was designed to be strong, lite and durable. 

After giving it a fair crack on the site Indiegogo aiming to build up funds in order to mass produce them and ultimately sell them like Hot-Cakes, this actually proved to swing quite the other way, failing quite miserably as the price of the Ramp was much too high (due to the construction of it) possibly turning many potential buyer’s off. 

A new Year with some new Goal’s.

However, being that the Brand was still determined to continue on with it’s Innovative Products phase, as the month of April 2017 hit, it was time to head back to the drawing board for a second round and give another ‘similar’ Product a crack.

With something less complicated in manufacturing design yet aiming to still appeal to those who were genuinely interested-

The RNDM-BMX ComFlat Jump Ramp was soon to be born.

Although the Ramp was still somewhat hand built, it followed a jigsaw type puzzle construction with pre-fabricated parts and less fiddly bits allowing for a much simpler build.

So as RNDM-BMX had it’s second crack at the ever so popular site Indiegogo, there was yet another failed attempt of drawing proper attention to this other you beaut Product. However, this was later discovered to work out in our favour thanks to a slight manufacturing glitch as the Ramp began to twist and buckle upon some further testing making it unable to fold back up the way it should. So it was soon ditched and the campaign eventually came to an end.

So where to now?

In 2018, other then the two fold-able Aluminium Ramps, there where many other Projects being worked upon like an official Logo that was changed at least once thanks to a slight name update, and an official Mascot known as Mr SnEaKy SMIRK who was soon to be part of the RNDM-BMX family neatly tucking his way into the latest official Logo.

There where also other experimentation's with RNDM-BMX introducing it’s very own Uniquely Designed Clothing Range that had Video’s linked to a slight story telling Tee matching with Cartoony like images and Big Captions printed on the Front and Back. 

These where simply known, as “QR” TOON-Shirt’s.

Yet, the journey continued on. 

In 2019, RNDM-BMX reached out for a new scene of Creativity as the Brand introduced Charity type Event’s that ‘at first’ where pretty ordinary, before eventually stepping them up to become game like Event’s so that the general Public could have a ‘fair Dink’Um’ Go at trying to either Win some Money for themselves, or a Charity in need.

These Charity Event’s also proved to be quite a stepping stone for the Brand as a LOT of Innovative Product’s began to be Designed & Created thanks to a need of many things that where simply not available from the shelves.

Such Product’s Included the Boom-Box Cradle (pictured below) and some Custom made Slick Aluminium Peg’s.

The 2020 Covid dilemma.

Although 2020 was unfortunately quite a miserable year for most, RNDM-BMX dedicated it-self by keeping busy going out and filming here and there, as well as keeping it’s Modelling division very much alive and well (for Content purposes). During the Modelling segments though, it was quite dis-heartening to hear stories from some of the clients hired out for the day as they shared some sad stories of loosing their jobs and not knowing where else to turn thanks to this whole Virus thing….. 

Although there was not much else we could offer to them “after they had finished up their jobs”, we did have them on reserve just in case another opportunity was to arise. However, after the Victorian Government of Australia introduced the “no more then 5km radius rule”, a lot of people where much too scared of coming out and meeting up which eventually threw the whole modelling segment out for a while. 

But as 2020 continued through to it’s mid way mark, another interesting thing had happened when going out for a filming job as a certain BMX Accident resulted in inspiring RNDM-BMX to get to work designing a version of their very own unique braking system. 

The story (below) is told as follows…..

It was around the month of June when one of the Crew was out filming at a certain Jump Park. As he was building confidence to clear one of the Jump’s he made a last minute decision to go for it which quickly turned into landing half way through forcing him to be thrown over the handle bars bending the fork and front rim quite servery. Being that the BMX had a unique Internal Braking System, when it came time to pulling out the Fork, the Fork had a Slot in it to make this certain system work. At that, RNDM-BMX was quite determined to see if they could come up with their own unique design allowing for any Fork to be fitted without the need of the Slot.

The Fork’s (pictured below) are from a BMX Brand that has the very Unique yet very well made Internal Braking System fitted to them.

While the BMX (pictured below) has RNDM-BMX’s own Prototype “Internal Rotation System” fitted, (avoiding the need of specially slotted Forks), it is still in it’s Prototype Phase meaning that there will be plenty more R&D and Testing Ahead.

But we intend to keep everyone in the loop on this Project as time goes by…..

As exciting as Innovation is however, it is not the only part of RNDM-BMX’s game, as there are many other things that fuel it’s fire.

Such other things include Stunt’s, Modelling, Entertainment and Adventure Ride’s that are more or less BMX related, yet at the same time being very much part of what the Brand stands for as a whole.

Other Risks and Ventures.

Around December time 2020, another turning point for RNDM-BMX began as a new feminine mascot was born and some specially designed Clothing began to submerge aiming itself for those with both a softer touch, and less masculine personality. 

So without further a do, we introduce you too…. Ms SnEaKy SMIRK.

Promotion begin’s.

Being that the Clothes had been officially designed and ordered around December time 2020 meant that 2021 had a fresh clear run ready for Promotion.

As we got to work hiring out some model’s, we did our usual procedure of getting them to feel comfortable and then pose for the Camera accordingly.  

Although still very much the beginning of this fairly new phase, the Brand is aiming for a Big Bright Future ahead with seeing what can ultimately be achieved regarding this fairly fresh venture!

The Brand In a Nut Shell.

So when looking at what Picture we wanted to paint and create for our Audience in regards to what this certain Brand is all about, a Short GIF (Click/Tap below picture) was specially created matching up with Official Slogan…. “A BMX BRAND FOR ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE BMX!”

So what might this actually mean?

It simply means that it doesn’t matter “who you are”, “where you come from”, “what you’re story is” or “whether you have a particular BMX skill or not”, if you are into BMX for either…. A Sport, A Hobby, An Adventure Ride, Cruising, Mountain Riding, Stunts, or Simply just to Look Charming, Sexy or Cool, then RNDM-BMX is just for You.

The Future.

So where to from here?

Currently there are many things being worked on at the moment including….. A Fresh New WebsiteUnique New Products, some more Clothing Designs, more Content Building, and but of coarse, some more Modelling…. So please….. Stay Tuned to see what the future holds!

Thanks so much for reading this article and hope it made some better sense in regards to what this fairly new Brand is more or less about. Feel free to stay in the loop with all things RNDM-BMX by following us on Substack (Subscribe button below) as we will be more then happy to keep you posted with further Articles written about future RNDM-BMX stuff’s.



As we have heard some cries from people (particularly Visa Students) who have had some dramas in regards to this whole Virus thing, RNDM-BMX is therefore looking into an initiative to more or less work in with Visa and UNI students so as to somewhat help them get back on track. One of the initiatives was to create a Charity RIDE Game in where only VISA & UNI Students could participate allowing them to WIN Money for either themselves or a Charity in Need.

There is also an aim at producing a Cultural Element where BMX could be used in a Creative approach as to Express some of the things that other Cultures do and Celebrate.

In the meantime, tell your friends!